When Ravens Sing

A Family Affair

Our search within this blighted town was proving fruitless. Even the grobi have sense enough not to lay stone in a marsh but the Umgak are nothing if not senseless. The merchant that we sought appeared to have arrived and made all of his deliveries however there was no indication that he had left. One of the manlings that had newly joined with our errand spent some time with the drunkards and low-folk of the hold and, from these miserable specimens, determined that the bodyguards of our quarry had left without him as had his horse and cart. All very suspicious.

It appears that our mark had been carried without to a farmstead some distance from the paltry walls of this place and there had been given as an offering to the beastkin that roam around here. My companions were hardly surprised and did not seem particularly outraged by this. We have agreed to meet with the agent of this foul bargain and I expect that something will be done about it then. If they will not then I suppose I must.

In better news, the local alehouse brews a drop known as Thunderwater Ale. For an umgak brew this is very passable indeed. It is possessed of a decent body, a round and robust flavour and acceptable potency. I would go so far as to compare it favourably with a Vilkisson’s Red Mountain from a weak year although the flavour is more akin to the brews from the Silverforge clan. This manling brew is somewhat inconsistent during the draught, freshly poured it is a very lively drop but as the mug is drained it loses a lot of this vitality and the last few mouthfuls can be disappointing in comparison to the maiden sip. I have purchased a keg and will be seeing how well it travels. If it can keep its quality over a few score leagues then it may be worth making further trips for the purposes of trade.

Gramki, Clan Stourhelm. Travelling.

Mud Rain and Rivers Oh My!

To: The Most Reverend Lector Wilhelm


I have done as you requested and tracked down the whereabouts of Ulrich von Winterstein and ingratiated myself into his company. It took a fair bit however he has started to grudgingly accept me as a travelling companion. He may not be happy about my tagging along, however he has at least stopped trying to loose me on the trail. I take this as an achievement.

As we were on our way to Ubersreik, we happened to stop at a toll crossing where, as these things are wont to happen, we met up with a young lady with whom Ulrich had a passing acquaintance, she introduced herself as Skylark, however he kept referring to her a Wren… so I’m not altogether sure which it is… she seems nice enough although a bit of a … don’t quite know how to phrase it, but I wouldn’t trust her near the Temples silver… In her company was a dwarf by the name of Gramki Stourhelm. He is, as all dwarfs, fairly stoic in his manner, but I was caught by his complete lack of ornamentation. The dwarfs that I have met in the past or indeed read about, always seem to wear their wealth… going by this I’d have to say that Stourhelm may well be a bit down on his luck…

The travelling companions had been tasked by the Guildmaster of the Merchants Guild in Ubersreik to track the whereabouts of one of the members of the guild who had failed to report in. It seems that a Mr. Flavian Wecksler failed to meet his contact in Stromdorf and is feared lost. The companions it seems are approximately a week behind the man… To me it sounds more like the Guildmaster is more concerned about the Guildring than the man…

Ulrich made the decision that we would join them in their task. Have I mentioned that, your honourable opinion aside of course, Ulrich seems a bit… unhinged? I do hope, by Sigmars Grace, I can help this man regain his path…

Decision made, we left the toll stop and headed north toward Stromdorf. What should have been a fairly easy days walk turned into the muddiest nastiest mess of a hike that I have had the misfortune to make. I swear Sir, I don’t think I have ever seen this much rain!

About half way to our destination we were set upon by a group of those Chaos damned beast things. There were eight of the smaller ones and appeared to be led by one of the larger. Ungors being led by a Gor it would be if I recall my reading correctly. By Sigmars Light they were foul beasts. The brave dwarf managed to engage the leader of the band and the Lady Skylark and myself dispatched the rear group with fair ease. Once we had seen off the rear group, Skylark and myself turned to assist the dwarf. By His Holy Hammer, I came through the fight with nary a scratch, which was convenient as Ulrich (who in the entirety of the battle managed to hit not a blessed thing) was injured. Skylark and Gramki were injured as well however with a bit of bandaging we were soon ready to move on. After seeing our dwarf companion fight I am understanding why they are rated so highly as warriors.

We were nearly to our destination when the weather took a turn for the worse (and believe me Sir, it had to go a long way to be worse than it was to begin with.) and by the time we got to the bridge we needed to cross, the river had already overshot its banks and the bridge was looking somewhat the worse for wear.

We took it in turns to cross the bridge, with Ulrich taking the lead. I am not embarrassed to say that I nearly fell in. The Lady Skylark was nearly lost as well, but managed to regain her balance. The last to cross the bridge was Gramki, and it must have been the added weight of his armour, but he was forced over the edge of the bridge into the rushing torrent.

Now, as unhinged as he might be and as useless in the fight as he was, I can’t fault Ulrich for bravery. When he saw the dwarf fall into the heaving river, he quickly stripped his armour off and, taking the end of his rope with him, dove in. Skylark and I quickly grabbed the other end of the rope and threw ourselves into securing the it around the nearest tree. Unfortunately, Sigmars Gaze was not with Ulrich at that moment, and he didn’t manage to grab the dwarf before the current took him.

Skylark and I got a rather bedraggled Ulrich pulled out of the river, and as soon as we had retrieved our belongings started the long walk down the banks of the river in the hope that at the very least we could find the dwarfs body.

Blessed be Sigmar, we turned a corner on the river and caught sight of a river mill, and stretched across the river itself was a large bank of nets. As we came close a blond bear of a man who introduced himself as the town miller beckoned us. It seems that Gramki had gotten tangled up in his eel nets and the miller pulled him out and got him settled with an ale. Courteous enough, the man made it fairly clear that he preferred his own company so as soon as we had a chance to wring ourselves out we got back on the path to Stromdorf (a shorter path thanks to the directions from the miller).

As we neared the gate we saw that it was fairly crowded, mostly women and children and the reason for this was made very clear as soon as we were in earshot… they were desperate for news (uh hem read that as gossip Sir) from the cities… so as we walked into the city we all (save for the dwarf) offered up bits and pieces that we thought they would be interested in. I have to give credit to the towns folk here… at least they managed to elevate the main walkways, so instead of slogging through more mud we were walking on muddy logs.

We asked about an inn and were directed to the Thunder Water Inn, a brewery of some repute I understand. Before we made it to the inn, Ulrich wandered off to see if he could acquire further healing (I did my best but there are things that are just out of my skill range) and Gramki wanted to find dry clothing. As I had been recognised as an Acolyte of Sigmar, the town guard had given me directions to the temple in the town. As soon as it was polite I took my leave of my companions and went to the temple.

I found the temple and presented myself to the Acolyte inside. I must say it seemed unusual for a temple as there were no pews, just one large open room with the Shrine at the end… in any case, the Acolyte came and summoned me a few moments later and took me to meet the Lector.

Lector Gottschalk is a very intense man. I felt as if I were being judged and hoping I had not come up wanting! He was very interested in meeting with the four of us the following day after services, I fully intend to make that meeting if I have to skull Ulrich to do it.

Taking my leave, I found my way to the inn and went to find the others. They had already started on the Thunder Ale and seeing its effects on Ulrich opted to cut mine with mostly water. Skylark did some charming and snooping and discovered that the political situation in the town is fairly unstable and the people aren’t very happy about it, however that has little or nothing to do with us really… we did ask around about the missing merchant however no one remembered seeing or hearing of him… I can’t help but wonder if we’re on a bit of a snipe hunt if you get my meaning…

Sleep beckons Sir, and I have a feeling I’ll need my wits about me if I am to continue this task you have set me on.

May Sigmar bless and keep you, Erika

Children and brothels seldom mix

Wren, Skylark or whoever you are now… it’s been a long time. Why am I not surprised to see you here neck deep in trouble? Seeing Wren again immediately began to stir-up my memories of Irene. That was after I had already sniffed out that snake Giuseppe! All I needed was proof of his treachery, but whom did I have to turn to? Wren had the right connections but like everything else in Altdorf her help came with a price. That price landed us in a bit of a scrape but fortunately we pulled through it without any damage to the not so innocent residents of the docks. I remember it was late in 2017 when that annoying investigator asked us to help him find some third rate merchant’s missing brat. Hooks, Fish? What do I care about the olive and pickle business? Sigmar save me, I wanted the truth and if rescuing this child from the dock gangs would get me closer then so be it.

There are 2 things you can count on in the docks of Altdorf, the fog and the stench. I met Wren (I know Skylark!) at about 11am. It was then I had the pleasure of meeting Werner Griern. He was some washed-up investigator who was too busy helping the crime lords get fat on the suffering of others to be bothered with solving any real crimes. His manner was annoying particularly as he always seemed to distracted to focus on the issue at hand. I find myself especially perturbed when he describes a kidnapping instigated by one of the rival gangs against a merchant in his master’s employ. This innocent child is being held for ransom and we have a limited amount of time to save him. His name is Sigismund, and did I mention that our brave investigator is too busy to be bothered to help us. What is wrong with this city?

He thankfully directs us to a some flophouse (number 12 Wendenbahn). It has 2 floors and we meet him on the second floor. Wren asks him the plan and the plan is pretty simple… we are to stake out the bad guys (who are conveniently staying across the street in number 17). He’ll be back at midnight to discuss our plan of attack to get the child back. He does show us a nice spyglass he has setup to observe the kidnappers and then he quickly takes his leave of us. Because of my bulk, we quickly agree that Wren should take the outdoor scouting duties while I man the spyglass.

What follows is a fairly uneventful day of us watching gang members take naps, use the loo, and walk their large, intimidating dog. Wren gets to practice her acrobatics and we get the names of a couple of the gang members as well as their secret knock thanks to her skulking. Probably the most interesting part of the day for me is watching the large dog almost discover Wren and noting when the large, ugly gang member named Axel goes out to get some lunch. He returns with a basket and distributes the food to all of his comrades which piqued my interest. Nothing much happens after that other than the locals coming home for the evening. Wren scurries back and our magnanimous investigator returns to discuss next steps.

I can tell that Wren has hidden near the loo for some part of the day. I hold my breath and then we re-cap what we have seen thus far. From my vantage point I had a couple of open windows I could peer in. Wren was observing from the abandoned tenements behind the flophouse and near the loo just behind the house. Wren and I determine there are 6-7 kidnappers in the house (one we suspect but have not seen). Given the trip out to get food we decide to use this opportunity to slip in and rescue the child. We agree that it would be tough to gain entry into the home directly as the door is bolted (there is a cracked skylight but accessing it in daylight would likely draw suspicion). We ask Werner if he can get us 8 doses of a strong sleeping potion we can dose the gang’s food with. Drawing some inspiration from our surroundings, we decide to dress Wren up like a high priced prostitute and the plan is pretty simple… kill Axel in an alley (with Wren luring him in with her obvious charm) and I’ll take his clothes. Wren will convince the gang that she is from the local brothel and that Axel is paying a visit. We would then wait and observe the sleeping potion taking affect and before returning to rescue the child. Some of the gang members were quite large so the idea was to have Wren return to the house with me both in our fancy dress (Axel in tow) and quickly overwhelm anyone that was still awake. Werner agrees to our plan and we both get some rest before the next morning as a lot of preparations have to be made for Wren’s new outfit.

What followed the next day was a nearly flawless execution of our plan. Even I was surprised at how well everything worked out. Wren and I quickly overtook Axel and we gained entry into the home with no issue after the drugs took affect. Only 2 of the gang members were able to withstand the sleeping potion and being as groggy as they were it was easy for us to dispatch them. I did find out later that one of them was Claudio Carbonetti a gang leader associated with the Hook. I think some of the gang members we didn’t kill were his brothers so I’ll need to be careful if I ever return to these wretched docks. It was in the basement of the house that I found the child thankfully unharmed but very tired and scared. In the meantime Wren was able to lure the large dog into another room and lock it in which allowed us to escape expediently. I quickly pulled him from his cage and ran as fast as I could back towards our flophouse. Wren thankfully knew some folks that owed her a favor so we were able to hold up at a tavern while we waited for Werner to arrive and retrieve the child.

Werner and Wren both seemed pleased with the result but I really could care less about their status within this pathetic, criminal society. I fulfilled my end of the bargain now I had better get that information on Giuseppe. Irene is waiting…


Festag, Jahrdrung 22nd
Three feathers and a night of intrigue!

Gramki and I met up again. We got a few ales in and I soon remembered why I’d liked the surly old dwarf in the first place (which I only ever seem to remember after at least three ales..). I’d heard of a job with the Merchant’s Guild which offered decent coin and we decided to give the adventuring another try.

A merchant called Florien Wechsler has gone missing somewhere near Stromdorf, a place that apparently has absolutely nothing going for it. It’s a damp, cold, smelly place in the middle of nowhere, inhabited only by those too stubborn or too stupid to leave. At least that’s what everyone says. Nonetheless we had nothing better to do and we were both itching to get out of Ubersreik, so we agreed to go hunt him down and we set off the next morning.

After two days walking we arrived at the Three Feathers Inn, the place where Florien was last seen and a popular rest stop before Stromdorf.

The inn was buzzing and there were people rushing all over. The Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Something-or-Other was visiting, on her way to Kemperbad to defend herself in a trial. Asking around we found out that her Aunt is the Countess Emmanuelle of Nuln no less, and that at one of her infamous parties someone chewed too much weirdroot and ended up face down in a ditch. She is planning to go for the ‘trial by combat’ route, and had with her a great hulking man who was her Judicial Champion.

The rest of the night is still a bit of a blur. There was the Judicial Champion, Bruno; a group of quiet, introspective travellers; some priests of Morr with a big coffin; a tall, well-armed lady claiming to be a messenger; a suspicious couple under the name of ‘Schmidt’; a shady halfling (who was probably one of the more respectable people there that night); and a whole pile of people from the Gravin’s entourage.

What started off as an innocent night drinking a pint of ale ended up with Gramki winning an arm-wrestle; the lawyer paying us handsomely to take out the shadowy chaos cultists (always happy to help with this..); the priests of Morr turning out to be smugglers with a human cargo; the messenger turned out to be a bounty hunter; the ‘Schmidts’ getting chased down by Mrs ‘Schmidt’s furious husband; Gramki losing badly at cards; and Bruno getting killed (and me being accused of being the murderer).

But we managed to find and stop the real murderers, Gramki had his moment as (interim) Judicial Champion, and walked away with the Gravin’s gratitude and full pockets.

Needless to say we slept late the next morning and won’t be stopping there on the way back. But they did do a nice steak pie…


Konigstag, Jahrdrung 20th
Back from the Mountains

After the miserable events at Grunewald Lodge myself and the manlings returned to Ubersreik. I had an errand to run back at Karak Azgaraz and so I left the others to handle the details of informing the Human authorities of the foolishness that we had witnessed.

I took employment with a brewer headed back into the mountains with a wagonload of barley and with no more incident than can be expected we arrived back at Karaz Azgaraz. After paying the appropriate respects to my family I undertook the grim task of returning the hammer of Kurdan Korgensson to his kindred. Naturally it fell to me the task of recalling how this heirloom had come into my possession and I told them that he had been injured in a battle and had not recovered. I left them without mentioning his mind-scar or the fact that he had died in his bed at the hands of twisted things. Some things are better left buried.

The business with the Korgennsson clan aside, my return to Karak Azgaraz was bitter indeed. I had left well provisioned for a summer of work and had returned like a beggar in the night with almost nothing to show for my efforts and with half my gear missing. Some small things I was able to replace but I could not accept the charity of blood and the sneering from the Hero Of The Clan was almost palpable. Instead I left early one morning, with no more than I walked in with save for a pack full of food and traversed the lonely paths back down to Ubersreik with only my axe as a companion.

Back in Ubersreik things were not so good.The small amount of coin that I had earned on my way home did not last long with the innkeepers in town. There were caravans seeking guards to be sure but the wagon-redes seemed to pass me over every time. I suspect that if I were Umgi that I would have more success, perhaps they are mistrustful of Dwarfs? In any case I wandered looking for employment. As fortune would have it, or perhaps not, I say one of the she-Manlings that I had travelled with previously and went to present myself to her. She appeared busy however and was not pleased to see me. She did agree to meet back at the The Red Moon Inn later so perhaps she can help with finding work.


Konigstag, Jahrdrung 20th
Laying low in Ubersreik

I’ve been laying low since we got back. I don’t want to talk about what happened and don’t want people knowing how I was involved. I’m glad the others didn’t stick around, I need some space right now. Alicia said she would alert the relevant authorities, which is a relief as I wouldn’t even know who to tell. Plus it means I don’t have to go over the whole story – it haunts me enough without having to tell someone else all the sordid details.

I’m also back to square one with no cash, no belongings and no companions. What else could I do but head out and find work. I got back in touch with a couple of local ‘merchants’ I had done some work for before and have been doing jobs for them for about a month now. One of these is Boris Hofbauer, a local fella specialising in pipeweed and other types of fine tobacco, and who always likes to find new ways to bend the rules and cut corners. It’s been good to take my mind off things and get back to ‘normal’. I’m also developing a good relationship with his main niche supplier, Andre Broussard, who brings in the finest narcotics from his native Bretonnia (and beyond), and leaves with the finest from the Empire. I’d worked with his agents in Altdorf before, but never met the man himself. He’s a wealthy – if slightly unusual – man who might come in handy to know someday.

Mathilde and I parted ways. She was very quiet after getting back – I think she was a bit shaken and just wanted to go home. I made her swear not to mention the demon to anyone, just tell my parents that I’m fine and making a good life for myself in Ubersreik... Oh and Gramki is back in town. The oblivious dwarf nearly cocked up an operation I was working on the night before last. I wonder what he’s up to…

I am making a decent living, enough to rent a small room and eat every day. This is only temporary though, soon enough I will be out of this place and my chance will come to shine again. It always does!


Wellentag, Nachexen 15th
The End of Grunewald Lodge

Grunewald Lodge is now a pile of ashes, there is a demon on the loose and we are all in very big trouble.

We knew there was something funny going on there, but somehow missed a fully-fledged chaos cult who were busy drugging their colleagues whilst preparing for a ritual sacrifice. We killed all the cultists eventually, but we weren’t so lucky with the demon itself… We were lucky to escape with our lives.

We came back to Ubersreik but soon went our separate ways. Looking at them reminds me of what happened.. maybe I’ll feel differently in a few weeks but for now I’m just trying to make a living, adventuring will have to wait.


Angestag, Nachexen 13th
Exploring Grunewald Lodge

Dear diary,

today everyone met at the hospital. After Skylark got patched up by some smelly doctor called Dr. Sieger, Gramki and Skylark went off to investigate the forge whereas Alicia and I went to have a look around the kitchen. There we have met the cook called Carla Wagner who smelled like a whole cellar of whine. She was preparing goose and venison for dinner (at this time I was still looking forward to the venison).

Walking around the kitchen we have noticed a little door leading to the wine cellar. I was wondering what it had to offer, so I went down to have a quick look while Arnold was keeping the cook busy. I haven’t found anything but the finest wine you can imagine. I wanted to make my little journal worthwhile and grabbed a bottle of good old german wine. While I was making my way back up Skylark and Gramki found a small wooden case. After discovering the case was empty they went to the shed noticing some strange smell but they have found nothing apart from some tools there. Later on Skylark and Gramki met the gardener Berthold and found some very interesting herbs. One of them was called Schlaf. Speaking of Schlaf, everyone here seems really tired and … well… smelly.

When Alicia and I went to the library we met Otto Geizhals, the librarian. We had a quick look through the books and some of them were really interesting. Not that I can actually read but Alicia can. She also said that two of them are banned. We gave the banned books to Otto Geizhals who promised us to destroy them. Meanwhile Gramki and Skylark went to the stables and met some guy called Franz and another person called Albrecht. They tried to get some information off them but I think these two people weren’t useful at all.

After Alicia and I left the library we decided to have a look around the sitting room. There we found something very disturbing. It was a picture with an eye hidden behind a blue curtain with a chair facing it. I agree, it doesn’t sound that scary but I can assure you it was! This picture definitely needs to be disposed!

When we went through the great hall to get some food we noticed that Gregor Pirsson who we met earlier was watching us. We walked through a long corridor and a scrap of paper fell out of some servants pocket. It said: Goose is good. What could that possibly mean?

Lord Aschaffenburg announced that the dinner is delayed, so Skylark and Gramki went to go outside to the shrine. Sister Sonia was there too. I can’t remember everything because I was really hungry at the time but I think Gramki got a hammer that looked like a warhammer and it belonged to some dwarf called Clauden. He was hiding the hammer in the shrine but he is gone now and sister Sonia thought Gramki should have it.

Anyway, after we came back to the manor we went on to tell Lord Aschaffenburg about every discovery we have made and asked him to eat the goose instead of the venison. When we sat down at the dining table Skylark gave Alicia some herbs. Alicia said that these herbs can be used to drug people, so I wonder if that is the reason why everyone here is so sleepy (but it doesn’t explain the smell around here).

When we had the first course I didn’t trust that soup so I gave it to Arnold. The soup was a bit spicy, so Arnold coughed but because he didn’t fall over it was safe to eat. Anyway, we noticed that Otto, the doctor and the gardener had some goose whereas the captain and Vern Hendrick had the venison. They were soon pretty tired after that meal. After dinner we had some brandy and Skylark was speaking to the doctor about some politics. Because Alicia and I told Gramki and Skylark about the ugly picture they wanted to go outside and have a look through the window into the sitting room. Gramki didn’t see much apart from a bandage lying in front of the picture. Oh dear!

PS: Sorry, no beastmen to fight this time.


Konigstag, Nachexen 12th
Karak Grunewald

Respected Father,

After the fight with the beasts we returned to Ubersreik with the fat merchant and the Roadwarden Rutger Abend.

Ubersreik is not well provisioned for a hold of such a size. Manlings do not work at their trades and I found only one who was able to repair my armour. He was still a novice smith of less than forty summers at the forge although he had apprentices of his own. I entrusted my mail to him and he managed to patch the holes without damaging it too much. Manling iron is coarser and less strong than good Dwarfish steel and so I do not expect that the repairs will hold up in a proper fight. I have heard that von Jungfreud, the Manling thane of Ubersreik has a Dwarf smith working for him. I shall see if it is possible to get an introduction to his forge as soon as I can.

The big hairy grobi-knocker that was tearing holes in Rutger Abend also put a few in me and so repairs to bone and meat were also required. The beer here is weak stuff, not strong enough to heal much of anything so the Umgi venerate an Ancestor called Shallya for that purpose. Valaya is far from these halls and so I went to speak with the keepers of Shallya’s runes. The she-manling at the shrine called upon her ancestor and my headache went away. She expected me to be grateful for this and so I agreed to carry messages for the shrine if I was passing through anywhere that this might be required. Another thing that Manlings don’t attach much importance to is passing on messages diligently it seemed. I was given a letter for another shrine (of which I shall tell more later) that had clearly been laid aside for some time.

I returned to my lodging hall and found that the companions – three beardless Umga with no trades to speak of – had found a possible new employment. A manling by the name of Herr Hendrick was paying good silver for some porters to carry goods for him. I should explain that the stoutest of these Umga is slighter than a mountain reed and so I found it surprising that they were interested in such physical work. Even a cask or two of Skallensson’s Grand Malted would not be enough to give these creatures the belly to lift much. As it turned out, this Herr Hendrick was a bondman to his thane who had inherited a new hall in the woods. Karak Grunewald is described as a hunting lodge although, well.. I’ll get to that later. At any rate, the new owner Graf Aschaffenberg wanted some reliable types to move in his trappings and sort out his other bondsmen who he thought might not be very reliable. He hired me and the three Umga came too.

The travel out to the Karak was quiet. The manlings in Ubersreik have no idea how to place stone, either together for their halls or as paving on the ground, the manlings outside the city however seemed to have been apprenticed to grobi masons. Their road was shoddy and umgak and I was not sure that the wagon was going to hold together. We arrived though eventually after shooing away a few more beastmen and found that Karak Grunwald is more of a ruin than an actual fortification. A dozen or so good masons would need weeks just to make it habitable.

I’ve come to realise that the Umgi are less interested in proper work than we are which seems strange as they have less time to do something useful before they die. The bondsmen at the faste however were worse than usual. Not a single one has even the strength to grow a beard. Even by Umgi standards these wretches are lazy, weak and useless. A Dwarf is employed here but when I met with him he was injured in the mind and raving. His name is Kordan Kurgensson and I am sure that his kin would be ashamed at his dereliction.

There is a Castellan here called Gregor Pirsson who has been responsible for the upkeep of the faste since the last Thane left only last year. He has done a predictably poor job. There is also a hearthguard led by Anders Blucher however his carls have poor gear and worse enthusiasm for their duty. These woods are full of the beast-kin and I suspect that if there is an assault while we are here, then I shall do more to repel it alone than the entire throng together.

Graf von Aschaffenberg is a weak man who believes in deceiving his bondsmen in order to find out the root of their malaise. We have been drawn into this deception much to my shame, I would rather shake the answers out of them and give the slow ones a good clip round the ear until they started to shape up but our ways do not work with the Umgi.

At any rate, I hope that this letter finds you in prosperity. Pass my respects to our mother and to my brother at the seams.

Gramki Stourhelm, Dwarf of Karak Azgaraz.

Aubentag, Nachexen 8th
The adventure begins

The coach was late. A whole day late! And I was stuck waiting for it in that hole they call the Red Moon Inn – it’s ok by night but miserable in the daytime. Luckily there were a few others waiting for the coach who I passed the time with.

After a night of ale and merry story-telling, we all agreed that once this blasted coach arrives we’ll travel together a while and see where we end up!

There’s Gramki the grumpy Dwarf who could drink all of Altdorf under the table; Alicia the apprentice wizard with cool hair that changes colour – she will come in useful if she doesn’t blow herself up!; good old Mathilde, my sort-of-step-sister who can sling a rat at 100 yards; and then me – fearless, cunning, quick-talking Skylark!

The coach still wasn’t here this morning, and I couldn’t face staring at those dirt-encrusted walls any longer so we went in search of Gramki’s missing friend, Rutgar Abend, and mine and Alicia’s long-awaited packages from Altdorf.

After a long walk, we spotted a coach in the distance – our coach – and realised we’d shown up at the same time as a group of beastmen! Two of them were rummaging through the contents of the coach and one stronger gor was beating the life out of Rutger Abend. Me and Mathilde sliced through the two at the coach, whilst Gramki charged the gor. Alicia got this crazy look in her eye, pulled in all the shadows around her and let them fly loose on the beastmen – I hate to admit it but she scared me more than the beastmen, especially the second time… we’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

Just as the gor was getting worn out he managed to find the energy to leap away from Gramki and blow his battle horn – we had a brief moment to regain ourselves before three more beastmen charged in from the woods, along with a massive wargor, much bigger than the gor we’d just been fighting.

Mathilde was starting to struggle. She’s never been in a real fight before and although she is strong for her size she was getting visibly stressed. I haven’t been in a fight this big myself, so I must admit I was getting worried. I needn’t have though, as we all managed to dodge the worst of the blows and between the four of us we slew every last one of the revolting creatures.

Rutgar was pleased to see us but the cowardly merchant in the coach was an ungrateful wretch and started barking orders – Gramki didn’t take kindly to this but I managed to fast-talk him into paying us generously to help him gather his wares and walk him back to Ubersreik.

I found my package but haven’t had chance to open it yet… good news I hope!

Much love,



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