When Ravens Sing

A Family Affair

Our search within this blighted town was proving fruitless. Even the grobi have sense enough not to lay stone in a marsh but the Umgak are nothing if not senseless. The merchant that we sought appeared to have arrived and made all of his deliveries however there was no indication that he had left. One of the manlings that had newly joined with our errand spent some time with the drunkards and low-folk of the hold and, from these miserable specimens, determined that the bodyguards of our quarry had left without him as had his horse and cart. All very suspicious.

It appears that our mark had been carried without to a farmstead some distance from the paltry walls of this place and there had been given as an offering to the beastkin that roam around here. My companions were hardly surprised and did not seem particularly outraged by this. We have agreed to meet with the agent of this foul bargain and I expect that something will be done about it then. If they will not then I suppose I must.

In better news, the local alehouse brews a drop known as Thunderwater Ale. For an umgak brew this is very passable indeed. It is possessed of a decent body, a round and robust flavour and acceptable potency. I would go so far as to compare it favourably with a Vilkisson’s Red Mountain from a weak year although the flavour is more akin to the brews from the Silverforge clan. This manling brew is somewhat inconsistent during the draught, freshly poured it is a very lively drop but as the mug is drained it loses a lot of this vitality and the last few mouthfuls can be disappointing in comparison to the maiden sip. I have purchased a keg and will be seeing how well it travels. If it can keep its quality over a few score leagues then it may be worth making further trips for the purposes of trade.

Gramki, Clan Stourhelm. Travelling.



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