When Ravens Sing

Aubentag, Nachexen 8th

The adventure begins

The coach was late. A whole day late! And I was stuck waiting for it in that hole they call the Red Moon Inn – it’s ok by night but miserable in the daytime. Luckily there were a few others waiting for the coach who I passed the time with.

After a night of ale and merry story-telling, we all agreed that once this blasted coach arrives we’ll travel together a while and see where we end up!

There’s Gramki the grumpy Dwarf who could drink all of Altdorf under the table; Alicia the apprentice wizard with cool hair that changes colour – she will come in useful if she doesn’t blow herself up!; good old Mathilde, my sort-of-step-sister who can sling a rat at 100 yards; and then me – fearless, cunning, quick-talking Skylark!

The coach still wasn’t here this morning, and I couldn’t face staring at those dirt-encrusted walls any longer so we went in search of Gramki’s missing friend, Rutgar Abend, and mine and Alicia’s long-awaited packages from Altdorf.

After a long walk, we spotted a coach in the distance – our coach – and realised we’d shown up at the same time as a group of beastmen! Two of them were rummaging through the contents of the coach and one stronger gor was beating the life out of Rutger Abend. Me and Mathilde sliced through the two at the coach, whilst Gramki charged the gor. Alicia got this crazy look in her eye, pulled in all the shadows around her and let them fly loose on the beastmen – I hate to admit it but she scared me more than the beastmen, especially the second time… we’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

Just as the gor was getting worn out he managed to find the energy to leap away from Gramki and blow his battle horn – we had a brief moment to regain ourselves before three more beastmen charged in from the woods, along with a massive wargor, much bigger than the gor we’d just been fighting.

Mathilde was starting to struggle. She’s never been in a real fight before and although she is strong for her size she was getting visibly stressed. I haven’t been in a fight this big myself, so I must admit I was getting worried. I needn’t have though, as we all managed to dodge the worst of the blows and between the four of us we slew every last one of the revolting creatures.

Rutgar was pleased to see us but the cowardly merchant in the coach was an ungrateful wretch and started barking orders – Gramki didn’t take kindly to this but I managed to fast-talk him into paying us generously to help him gather his wares and walk him back to Ubersreik.

I found my package but haven’t had chance to open it yet… good news I hope!

Much love,




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