When Ravens Sing

Angestag, Nachexen 13th

Exploring Grunewald Lodge

Dear diary,

today everyone met at the hospital. After Skylark got patched up by some smelly doctor called Dr. Sieger, Gramki and Skylark went off to investigate the forge whereas Alicia and I went to have a look around the kitchen. There we have met the cook called Carla Wagner who smelled like a whole cellar of whine. She was preparing goose and venison for dinner (at this time I was still looking forward to the venison).

Walking around the kitchen we have noticed a little door leading to the wine cellar. I was wondering what it had to offer, so I went down to have a quick look while Arnold was keeping the cook busy. I haven’t found anything but the finest wine you can imagine. I wanted to make my little journal worthwhile and grabbed a bottle of good old german wine. While I was making my way back up Skylark and Gramki found a small wooden case. After discovering the case was empty they went to the shed noticing some strange smell but they have found nothing apart from some tools there. Later on Skylark and Gramki met the gardener Berthold and found some very interesting herbs. One of them was called Schlaf. Speaking of Schlaf, everyone here seems really tired and … well… smelly.

When Alicia and I went to the library we met Otto Geizhals, the librarian. We had a quick look through the books and some of them were really interesting. Not that I can actually read but Alicia can. She also said that two of them are banned. We gave the banned books to Otto Geizhals who promised us to destroy them. Meanwhile Gramki and Skylark went to the stables and met some guy called Franz and another person called Albrecht. They tried to get some information off them but I think these two people weren’t useful at all.

After Alicia and I left the library we decided to have a look around the sitting room. There we found something very disturbing. It was a picture with an eye hidden behind a blue curtain with a chair facing it. I agree, it doesn’t sound that scary but I can assure you it was! This picture definitely needs to be disposed!

When we went through the great hall to get some food we noticed that Gregor Pirsson who we met earlier was watching us. We walked through a long corridor and a scrap of paper fell out of some servants pocket. It said: Goose is good. What could that possibly mean?

Lord Aschaffenburg announced that the dinner is delayed, so Skylark and Gramki went to go outside to the shrine. Sister Sonia was there too. I can’t remember everything because I was really hungry at the time but I think Gramki got a hammer that looked like a warhammer and it belonged to some dwarf called Clauden. He was hiding the hammer in the shrine but he is gone now and sister Sonia thought Gramki should have it.

Anyway, after we came back to the manor we went on to tell Lord Aschaffenburg about every discovery we have made and asked him to eat the goose instead of the venison. When we sat down at the dining table Skylark gave Alicia some herbs. Alicia said that these herbs can be used to drug people, so I wonder if that is the reason why everyone here is so sleepy (but it doesn’t explain the smell around here).

When we had the first course I didn’t trust that soup so I gave it to Arnold. The soup was a bit spicy, so Arnold coughed but because he didn’t fall over it was safe to eat. Anyway, we noticed that Otto, the doctor and the gardener had some goose whereas the captain and Vern Hendrick had the venison. They were soon pretty tired after that meal. After dinner we had some brandy and Skylark was speaking to the doctor about some politics. Because Alicia and I told Gramki and Skylark about the ugly picture they wanted to go outside and have a look through the window into the sitting room. Gramki didn’t see much apart from a bandage lying in front of the picture. Oh dear!

PS: Sorry, no beastmen to fight this time.




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