When Ravens Sing

Konigstag, Jahrdrung 20th

Back from the Mountains

After the miserable events at Grunewald Lodge myself and the manlings returned to Ubersreik. I had an errand to run back at Karak Azgaraz and so I left the others to handle the details of informing the Human authorities of the foolishness that we had witnessed.

I took employment with a brewer headed back into the mountains with a wagonload of barley and with no more incident than can be expected we arrived back at Karaz Azgaraz. After paying the appropriate respects to my family I undertook the grim task of returning the hammer of Kurdan Korgensson to his kindred. Naturally it fell to me the task of recalling how this heirloom had come into my possession and I told them that he had been injured in a battle and had not recovered. I left them without mentioning his mind-scar or the fact that he had died in his bed at the hands of twisted things. Some things are better left buried.

The business with the Korgennsson clan aside, my return to Karak Azgaraz was bitter indeed. I had left well provisioned for a summer of work and had returned like a beggar in the night with almost nothing to show for my efforts and with half my gear missing. Some small things I was able to replace but I could not accept the charity of blood and the sneering from the Hero Of The Clan was almost palpable. Instead I left early one morning, with no more than I walked in with save for a pack full of food and traversed the lonely paths back down to Ubersreik with only my axe as a companion.

Back in Ubersreik things were not so good.The small amount of coin that I had earned on my way home did not last long with the innkeepers in town. There were caravans seeking guards to be sure but the wagon-redes seemed to pass me over every time. I suspect that if I were Umgi that I would have more success, perhaps they are mistrustful of Dwarfs? In any case I wandered looking for employment. As fortune would have it, or perhaps not, I say one of the she-Manlings that I had travelled with previously and went to present myself to her. She appeared busy however and was not pleased to see me. She did agree to meet back at the The Red Moon Inn later so perhaps she can help with finding work.




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