When Ravens Sing

Konigstag, Jahrdrung 20th

Laying low in Ubersreik

I’ve been laying low since we got back. I don’t want to talk about what happened and don’t want people knowing how I was involved. I’m glad the others didn’t stick around, I need some space right now. Alicia said she would alert the relevant authorities, which is a relief as I wouldn’t even know who to tell. Plus it means I don’t have to go over the whole story – it haunts me enough without having to tell someone else all the sordid details.

I’m also back to square one with no cash, no belongings and no companions. What else could I do but head out and find work. I got back in touch with a couple of local ‘merchants’ I had done some work for before and have been doing jobs for them for about a month now. One of these is Boris Hofbauer, a local fella specialising in pipeweed and other types of fine tobacco, and who always likes to find new ways to bend the rules and cut corners. It’s been good to take my mind off things and get back to ‘normal’. I’m also developing a good relationship with his main niche supplier, Andre Broussard, who brings in the finest narcotics from his native Bretonnia (and beyond), and leaves with the finest from the Empire. I’d worked with his agents in Altdorf before, but never met the man himself. He’s a wealthy – if slightly unusual – man who might come in handy to know someday.

Mathilde and I parted ways. She was very quiet after getting back – I think she was a bit shaken and just wanted to go home. I made her swear not to mention the demon to anyone, just tell my parents that I’m fine and making a good life for myself in Ubersreik... Oh and Gramki is back in town. The oblivious dwarf nearly cocked up an operation I was working on the night before last. I wonder what he’s up to…

I am making a decent living, enough to rent a small room and eat every day. This is only temporary though, soon enough I will be out of this place and my chance will come to shine again. It always does!




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