Mathilde’s parents died when she was just one year old. Even now she doesn’t fully understand what happened, and why two bakers were in the tunnels (and sewers) below Altdorf in the middle of the night…

It was a day later when a Sewerjack discovered the bodies. The Watchman he reported it to could only recognize the mother by her necklace. The Watchman used to go to the bakery every day to buy his bread and remembered that the necklace was given as a wedding gift from Alexander to Ludmilla.

As soon as he identified the bodies, he jumped up and ran to the home of Alexander and Ludmilla. There he found, Mathilde, screaming because she was hungry and cold. The Watchman, because he liked the family, used some favours to make sure Mathilde got into the Watchmen’s orphanage.

As an orphan, Mathilde spent some time exploring below Altdorf. One day, when she was 13, she saw a Rat Catcher with his dog doing his work. The Rat Cactcher saw Mathilde peering out from her hiding place and beckond her over, demanding to know why she were following him and what-in-Morrs-name she was doing down there.

After a while, he relented and grew used to your shadowing. You found out he was called Anders. Eventually it became an almost common thing with you accompanying him and even helping out. He introduced you to his daughter who he’d been hoping to teach to be a Rat Catcher but without success.

Over time Mathilde effectively became part of the family and, after a rocky start, good friends with Skylark (though she did not go by this name back then!).

With the guidance of Anders, Mathilde became a budding Rat Catcher, doing her first solo trip at 16.

The years went by, with Mathilde helping Anders and starting to run her own business. Skylark was more and more distant and, when they did meet, told tales of adventure and daring which were sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction.

When Skylark burst into home one day hastily packing things you knew something had gone wrong. Knowing how much Anders and Mina would be hurt if anything happened to Skylark, even if they didn’t always show it, Mathilde insisted on accompanying her. She’d been thinking about leaving the city for a while now – though never too seriously – and this was the perfect push to go out and do it.

Mathilde travelled with the party for some time before parting ways after the incident at Grunewald Lodge.


When Ravens Sing Frore