Alicia was born in the north-eastern part of Brettonia to a Bretonnian mother, Alilitra, and an Imperial father, Julolfod Abendroth. Her parents moved to the Reikland when she was young, settling into a small village outside Altdorf.

Alilitra was a herbalist and Julolfod an apothecary whose medicine skills quickly made him popular in the village. She had an older half-brother, Gautier, who resented the move and the sometimes grimmer life in the Empire. Gautier likewise resented Alicia and caused trouble for her whenever he could.

Around ten years old, Alicia realised she could do some things, when she tried hard enough, that other people couldn’t. Making small things seem to vanish, or almost pulling shadows over herself to hide (usually to avoid Gautier).

This continued for some years until a Wizard – deeply mistrusted by the villagers – arrived in the village and sensed some minor use at magic. He bore down on the girl like a thundercloud and bellowed questions at her, uncovering her minor use of the winds of magic, which had gone on for some time. It was only years later she found out he’d seriously considered killing her there and then.

Understandably in hindsight, Alicia was taken – almost kicking and screaming – to the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf. Distraught at having her extensive wayward freedom taken away Alicia was not a good pupil. She had to become educated, to learn new ways of doing things that felt natural to her. She was often behind in her classes compared to the other students, who were educated from a younger age, and this only added to her frustration.

It was not until one slightly eccentric Grey Wizard, Gavius Klugge, scolded her severely and took her on personally – as some sort of challenge – that Alicia began to settle down and properly understand what tutors had tried to drill into for years.

Alicia has been Gavius’ Apprentice for several years now, and considers her a very strong, if still a little wayward, student. Alicia has been sent out into the world to rediscover the Empire… and take care of some work for Master Klugge along the way… She’s determined not to let him down.

Alicia travelled with the party for some time before parting ways after the incident at Grunewald Lodge.


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