Gramki Stourhelm

Dwarf Mercenary

  • Str 5 (spec)
  • Tou 4
  • Agi 3
  • *Int*3
  • *Wil*4
  • *Fel*2

Wounds 15

Wealth 2

Trained Skills

  • Weapon Skill
  • Resilience
  • Athletics

Purchased Talents:

  • Resolute (focus) – Exhaust to recover 2 stress
  • Roll With It (tactic) – Exhaust to increase soak by 2
  • Robust (tactic) – Reduce severity of critical wounds by one for healing

Purchased Actions:

  • Shield Slam
  • Sword and Board
  • Improved Block
  • Skalf’s Anvil
  • Improved Parry

Owned items:

  • Suit of chainmail
  • Hand weapon (axe)
  • Round shield
  • Crossbow
  • 24 bolts
  • Plentiful camping/survival equipment – Blankets, tinderbox, candles, mess kit etc
  • Keg of Thunderwater Ale

XP earned: 10

Advances bought

  • Skalf’s Anvil (action)
  • Willpower +1 (stat) (4 pts)
  • Improved Parry (action)
  • Wounds +1
  • Athletics (skill training)
  • Robust (tactic)
  • Strength Specialisation

The youngest son of a mining family fallen on hard times, Gramki has set out to make his own way in the world. His elder brother Skarl stands to inherit the greater share of what remains of the family’s worldly goods and there will be precious little left for Gramki.

The Stourhelms were once well to do miners operating a rich seam of silver in the World’s Edge Mountains deep beneath Karak Kadrin. Following a particularly relentless series of attacks from Goblins, the family suffered extensive losses, many of their tithed miners were killed and the mines that they worked had to be sealed for the safety of the hold. Discouraged by what they saw as capitulation, they sold everything and headed west to the newly founded hold of Karak Azgaraz.

Sadly things have not gone so well, misfortune has plagued the family and the mines have provided scarcely any ore worth speaking of. Skarl alone has done well from the move, he has achieved fame for his exploits against the Grobi and been gifted a set of Gromril armour for his achievements. As a member of the elite Ironbreakers he is constantly engaged in fighting the goblin incursions and thus has not the time to work the family mines – adding to the difficulties faced by the rest of the family.

Gramki has been part of the guard detail for several Dwarf traders from the hold, the money is good if irregular however human traders place a high value on Dwarf guards in the mountains and Gramki has made a few trips as a mercenary guard, escorting Reikland gold through the mountains to return with Bretonnian wines and finery.

Now Gramki seeks to rebuild his family’s lost fortune through his adventures outside the hold. There is more gold to be earned in the Reikland than under the mountains.

Gramki Stourhelm

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