Reckless young smuggler, in big trouble in Altdorf...


Human Smuggler

Strength 3
Toughness 3
Agility 4
Intelligence 3
Willpower 3
Fellowship 4


Born and raised in Altdorf, Skylark’s parents were both Rat Catchers and part of a Rat Catchers’ guild. Anders and Mina were poor but hard-working, and were good, honest people with strong moral values. Some of these morals they managed to instill into Skylark…except for the part about an honest day’s work. Skylark hated the idea of becoming a ratcatcher like her parents, and so started hanging around the docks, running errands for the dockhands and earning decent money for keeping quiet about them.

She developed a reputation as a reliable and discreet helper, and one of the shifty dockhands took her onto his regular staff. After a while she started doing some travelling herself, accompanying important shipments and began picking up the tricks of the ‘trade’.

After a while she began working as a smuggler herself. Avoiding taxes, tricking customs and deflecting questions – it’s an exciting new world! Skylark soon learned every trick in the book. She quickly became noticed and doing jobs various groups, most notably for the Fish, and once even for the Push. She justified her new career with the money she was making. In reality, she loved the excitement & danger involved; the exhilaration of getting past the customs officers with a shipment of ‘tax free’ goods was like nothing else.

Her parents were suspicious of her fancy clothes and taste for fine wines, and thought she was trying to be better than them. They would often remind her that her roots are in the alleys and sewers of Altdorf, to not forget she was born a commoner and would never be high-brass. Matilda, an orphan who had been taken under the wing of Skylark’s father, was much more attuned to the life of a Rat Catcher and was a willing apprentice. Why couldn’t Skylark be more like her?

Skylark loved the high life, or at least the feeling of earning a pile of cash and blowing it on some fancy clothes and a drunken weekend. So when a young noble with a green cloak called Adelbert Weinrich took an interest in her she was overwhelmed, and enjoyed an intense whirlwind romance…

…until she discovered he was working for the Hook, and he betrayed a major operation she had been working on. She fled Altdorf with the authorities on her heels, and Ormil Schwarzwasser raging. Mathilde went with her as a way to return the kindness the family had shown to her in the past… (or maybe to find some excitement for herself..?)


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